The consequences of Brexit for the labour market and employment law – challenges for the European Union from a Polish perspective

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Łukasz Pisarczyk


Brexit, employment, labour, market, standards, protection, worker, employer


One of the most important problems arising from Brexit will concern labour law and the labour market – specifically the future development of labour law at the European level, the situation in domestic labour markets, and (as a consequence) changes in national legislations. At present, it is difficult to draw any precise conclusions regarding the impact of Brexit; however, it is possible to identify some of the more likely scenarios and consequences. There are substantial questions concerning: the future of EU law after Brexit and how Brexit will affect British labour law; the situation of multinational labour law institutions (e.g. European Works Councils), as well as the posting of workers. A lot depends on the final agreement between the UK and the EU. A close economic partnership may enforce the maintenance of the most important labour standards and mechanisms which are necessary to guarantee equilibrium between the partners.

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