The NILQ regularly publishes special issues across the whole legal landscape. If you have an idea for a future special issue, please contact Chief Editor Dr Mark Flear.  


Special Supplement: Northern Ireland's Legal Order after Brexit 73(S2) Guest Editor: Colin R G Murray

Special Supplement: MacDermott Lectures Through the Years 73(S1) 'Introduction' by Heather Conwary, David Capper and Mark L Flear

Covid-19 and Legal Responses on the Island of Ireland 73(2) Guest Editors: Ollie Bartlett, Neil Maddox, Ronagh McQuigg and Andrea Mulligan


Law and Economics 72(4) Guest Editors: Richard Craven and Olivia Hamlyn

Domestic and Comparative Perspectives on Loss of Self-control and Diminished Responsibility as Partial Defences to Murder: A 10-year Review of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 Reform Framework 72(2) Guest Editors: Alan Reed, Nicola Wake and Bethany Simpson


The Constitutional Legacies of Empire 71(2) Guest Editor: Paul F Scott


Professor Stephen Livingstone special issue 70 (SL) Edited by NILQ Editorial Board

Reviewing the Boundaries of Health Law – New Directions and Dimensions 70(1) Guest Editors: John Coggon and Judy Laing


Caught in the Web: Capturing the Zeitgeist of ‘Big Tech’ Companies, Social Media Speech and Privacy 69(4) Guest Editor: Peter Coe

On the Never-ending Road to Brexit: Perspectives for the European Union 69(3) Guest Editor: Dagmar Schiek


The Rights of Victims of Crime in Ireland and the United Kingdom: An Exploration of Recent Changes and Challenges 68(4) Guest Editor: Susan Leahy

The Pop-Up Museum of Legal Objects 68(3) Guest Editor: Amanda Perry-Kessaris


The Age of Criminal Responsibility 67(3) Guest Editors: Nicola Wake, Raymond Arthur and Thomas Crofts

The Right to Education 67(4) Guest Editors: Brice Dickson and Conor McCormick


Mental Disorder and Criminal Justice 65(2) Guest Editors: Ben Livings and Nicola Wake

Continuing towards an Economic Sociology of Law 65(3) Guest Editors: Diamond Ashiagbor, Prabha Kotiswaran and Amanda Perry-Kessaris


Law and Emotions 64(1) Guest Editors: Jennifer Schweppe and John Stannard

Legal Appropriation: Taking of and by Law 64(3) Guest Editors: Amanda Perry-Kessaris and Ting Xu


Reforming Libel Law 63(1) Guest Editors: David Capper and Gordon Anthony

Bench and Bar: The (Dis)appearance of Britain 63(5) Guest Editors: Karen Brennan, Niamh Howlin and Sara Ramshaw


The Convention on the Rights of the Child 62(2)

Socialising Economic Relationships: A Critique of Business Regulation 62(4) Guest Editors: Bettina Lange and Dania Thomas

A Symposium with Professor Roger Brownsword: Super-stewardship in the Context of Public Health 62(5) Guest Editor: Mark Flear


Positive Obligations and the European Court of Human Rights 61(3): Guest Editor: Brice Dickson


Corporate Governance 60(1)

Rights and Justice: Essays in Honour of Professor Tom Hadden 60(2) Guest Editor: Brice Dickson


Jurisprudence 59(1) Guest Editor: George Pavlakos


Human Rights and Equality 57(1) Guest Editor: Colin Harvey

Essays on Legal History and the Common Law in Honour of Professor Desmond S Greer 57(2) Guest Editors: Gordon Anthony and John Stannard

Pluralizing Discourses of Law and Governance 57(4) Guest Editor: Martha-Marie Kleinhans


Theory and Practice in Jurisprudence – A False Dichotomy 55(4) Guest Editor: George Pavlakos


Access to Justice and Legal Aid Reform 53(2) Guest Editor: David Capper

Institute of Governance, Public Policy and Social Research Workshop, Queen’s University Belfast, 27–28 September 2002 53 (4) Guest Editors: Gordon Anthony, Elizabeth Meehan and John Morison


The Proposed Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland 52(3&4)


On the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the European Convention on Human Rights 51(3) Guest Editors: Colin Harvey and Stephen Livingstone