Contributors' Blog

In this section of the website you will find blog-style pieces produced by NILQ contributors. These provide short overviews of authors’ articles in the journal: some already published, some forthcoming. Check back regularly for updates.

Causing controversy: interpreting the requirements of causation in criminal law and tort law
Gemma Turton and Sally Kyd

Selecting judges for the High Court in Northern Ireland
John Morison, Brice Dickson and Andrew Godden

Moving on from a judicial preference for mediation to embed appropriate dispute resolution
Masood Ahmed

Property in the human body?
Neil Maddox

How contractual terms determine fiduciary duties: a two-stage process
David Gibbs-Kneller and Derek Whayman

Alimony drones, gold diggers and meal tickets for life: how stereotypes in the press point to a need for judicial reflexivity
Sharon Thompson

Promoting the next generation of health law scholarship
John Coggon and Judy Laing

Persons, populations, parity of esteem . . . and the NHS Long Term Plan
John Coggon and Judy Laing

Buying bulk to boost NHS funding? Some legal and governance challenges
Albert Sanchez-Graells

‘My child, my choice’
Dave Archard

Reproductive loss and disposal of pregnancy remains
Louise Austin and Sheelagh McGuinness

Stealing souls? Photographs and privacy
Rebecca Moosavian

(Re)embracing social responsibility theory as a basis for media speech: shifting the normative paradigm for a modern media
Peter Coe

Fakebook: why Facebook makes the fake news problem inevitable
Dr Paul Bernal

Weapons of mass distraction
Robin Barnes

‘Benefit tourism’ post-Brexit? Tackling the ghost through more EU social engagement
Dr Konstanze von Papp

Brexit and the island of Ireland – any news from the EU’s revised offer for a withdrawal agreement?
Professor Dagmar Schiek

Brexit and the security of the European project: citizenship and free movement as a case study
Adjunct Professor Massimo Fichera

The EU’s role in policing the rule of law: reflections on recent Polish experience
Professor Robert Grzeszczak

The UK out, Social Europe in? Rethinking EU social integration in the wake of Brexit
Mr Konstantinos Alexandris Polomarkakis

EU environmental law and policy post-Brexit: models for engagement between the EU27 and the UK
Dr Roderic O’Gorman

The island of Ireland and ‘Brexit’: a new approach
Professor Dagmar Schiek

Creeping compulsion to mediate, the Constitution and the Convention
Dr Ronán Feehily

Post-Brexit Britain and the pay culture: challenges and opportunities
Dr Demetra Arsalidou and Dr Alison Lui 

Do constructive trusts deter disloyalty?
Dr Andrew D Hicks

Harmonisation of avoidance rules in European Union insolvencies: the critical elements in formulating a scheme
Professor Andrew Keay

Contesting the displacement thesis: human rights, social movements and the bigger picture
Dr Paul O'Connell  

Why and how should we understand state secrecy?
Dr Lydia Morgan