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ADVANCE Articles: Vol. 73 No. AD2 2022

Open access

The scope and rationale(s) of the change of position defence
Duncan Sheehan

Property guardians: reigniting the lease/licence battle?
Dean Taylor

George Gavan Duffy and the legal consequences of the Anglo Irish Treaty, 1921–1923
Thomas Mohr

The importance of being relational: comparative reflections on relational contracts in Australia and the United Kingdom
Jessica Viven-Wilksch

The impact of proposed intimate image abuse offences on domestic violence and abuse
Charlotte Bishop

Commentaries and Notes
The Union in Court, Part 2: Allister and others v Northern Ireland Secretary [2022] NICA 15
Anurag Deb, Gary Simpson and Gabriel Tan

Vol. 73 No. S1 (2022): Supplement 1

'Democracy, expression and the law in our digital age'
Judge Síofra O’Leary

ADVANCE Articles: Vol. 73 No. AD1 2022

Open access
'What happened in there? Confessions, credibility and automatic exclusion: the case of Artt and confession admissibility'
Eamonn Rea
'Protecting private information in the digital era: making the most effective use of the availability of the actions under the GDPR/DPA and the tort of misuse of private information'
Fiona Brimblecombe and Helen Fenwick
‘"I presume she wanted it to happen": rape, reasonable belief in consent, and law reform in Northern Ireland'
Eithne Dowds
'Against the act/omission distinction'
Mark Dsouza
'International law for public health in aviation: the challenges of harmonisation'
Elizabeth M Speakman, Mary Cameron and Andrea Grout

Supplementary Issue on COVID-19: Open Access ADVANCE Articles
'Coronavirus legislative responses in the UK: regression to panic and disdain of constitutionalism'
Rebecca Moosavian, Clive Walker and Andrew Blick
'Towards a Welsh health law: devolution, divergence and values'
John Harrington, Barbara Hughes-Moore and Erin Thomas
'Disability and COVID-19: improving legal and policy responses through grassroots disability ethics'
Ivanka Antova
'The law of bare life'
Ian Ward

Subscription ADVANCE Articles
Vol 72 No. AD2 (August 2021)
'Formulating the legislative structure of a hate crime'
Jennifer Schweppe

Commentaries and Notes
'Surrogacy and public policy'
Elaine O'Callaghan

Open Access ADVANCE Articles
Vol. 72 No. AD1 (July/August 2021)
'The myth of associative discrimination and the Court of Justice’s great vanishing act: part 2'
Michael Connolly
'No tyranny for failing Donald Trump – sad! Law, constitutionalism and tyranny in the twenty-first century'
Aoife O'Donoghue
'Should judges be neutral?'
Gerard Hogan

Commentaries and Notes
The Union in Court: Allister and others’ Application for Judicial Review [2021] NIQB 64
Anurag Deb
Foster v Jessen: a comment on law and online defamation in Northern Ireland
Mark Patrick Hanna

Winter Open Access Articles
Vol. 71 No. 4 (2020)

Winter Open Acesss Articles
Vol. 70 No. 4 (2019)

Professor Stephen Livingstone Special Open Access Issue
Vol. 70 No. SL (2019)

Autumn Open Access Article
Vol. 70 No. 3 (2019)
'Limited, inclusive, and communitarian: in defence of recognising property in the human body'
Neil Maddox

Summer Open Access Article
Vol. 70 No. 2 (2019)
'A millstone around the neck? Stereotypes about wives and myths about divorce'
Sharon Thompson

Winter Open Access Articles
Vol. 69 No. 4 (2018)

Autumn Open Access Articles
Vol. 69 No. 3 (2018)

Summer Open Access Article
Vol. 69 No. 2 (2018)
'Harmonisation of avoidance rules in European Union insolvencies: the critical elements in formulating a scheme'
Andrew Keay