We aim to update the most-read list every issue. Precise viewing figures can be obtained from the particular issue in the Archives. The list comprises the top five most-read articles over the previous 12 months – as on 25 June 2021.

1. The legalisation of same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland
Conor McCormick and Thomas Stewart – viewed 1268 times

2. Exploring the impact of the Victims’ Directive on service provision for victims of crime in Ireland
Susan Leahy and Eimear Spain – viewed 953 times

3. Exclusive possession or the intention of the parties? The relation of landlord and tenant in Northern Ireland
Mark Hayward – viewed 630 times

4. Patents, access to health and COVID-19 – The role of compulsory and government-use licensing in Ireland
Aisling McMahon – viewed 497 times

5. Why does the United Kingdom now need a written constitution?
Andrew Blick and Brice Dickson – viewed 451 times