We aim to update the most-read list every issue. Precise viewing figures can be obtained from the particular issue in the Archives. The list comprises the top five most-read articles over the previous 12 months – as on 23 August 2022.

1. Exploring the impact of the Victims’ Directive on service provision for victims of crime in Ireland
Susan Leahy and Eimear Spain – downloaded 1314 times

2. The role of loss of self-control in defences to homicide: a critical analysis of Anglo-Australian developments
Heather Douglas and Alan Reed – downloaded 1041 times

3. Liability for omission under the lex aquila
Dana McCusker – downloaded 870 times

4. Introduction: Domestic and comparative perspectives on loss of self-control and diminished responsibility as partial defences to murder: a 10-year review of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 reform framework
Alan Reed, Nicola Wake and Bethany Simpson – downloaded 796 times

5. Positive obligations and the European Court of Human Rights
Brice Dickson – downloaded 608 times
Twenty years on, the right of silence and legal advice: the spiralling costs of an unfair exchange
Hannah Quirk – downloaded 608 times