Contributors' Blog

In this section of the website you will find blog-style pieces produced by NILQ contributors. These provide short overviews of authors’ articles in the journal: some already published, some forthcoming. Check back regularly for updates.

The island of Ireland and ‘Brexit’: a new approach
Professor Dagmar Schiek

Creeping compulsion to mediate, the Constitution and the Convention
Dr Ronán Feehily

Post-Brexit Britain and the pay culture: challenges and opportunities
Dr Demetra Arsalidou and Dr Alison Lui 

Do constructive trusts deter disloyalty?
Dr Andrew D Hicks

Harmonisation of avoidance rules in European Union insolvencies: the critical elements in formulating a scheme
Professor Andrew Keay

Contesting the displacement thesis: human rights, social movements and the bigger picture
Dr Paul O'Connell  

Why and how should we understand state secrecy?
Dr Lydia Morgan