Post-Brexit Britain and the pay culture: challenges and opportunities

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Demetra Arsalidou
Alison Lui


Brexit, bonus cap, clawback provision, corporate governance, disclosure requirements, executive remuneration, shareholder engagement


This paper examines the impact of Brexit on financial services regulation in relation to three areas linked to executive remuneration. They are: the bonus cap; the clawback of pay; and the level of disclosure required by shareholders with regard to details of directors’ remuneration. It will be argued that legally Brexit will have little impact on any of the three areas. UK legislation has already incorporated a great deal of EU legislation. The status quo of retaining such legal restrictions seems sensible in light of public sentiment towards unfairness in executive compensation and uncertainty towards the Brexit negotiations. Nevertheless, London faces stiff competition from other major international financial centres in a post-Brexit era. The loss of single passporting rights is also encouraging major banks to invest in other European financial centres. Brexit creates opportunities too. With the integration of digital technology, it is possible to create convenient platforms where investors can access reports on executive remuneration.

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