Promoting solidarity in contested political spaces and public health emergencies: examining Covid-19 vaccination on the island of Ireland

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Clayton Ó Néill
Anne-Maree Farrell
Mary Donnelly
Mary-Elizabeth Tumelty


solidarity, public health emergencies, Covid-19 pandemic, vaccination, Ireland, Northern Ireland, island of Ireland


This article examines to what extent solidarity can be promoted in contested political spaces as part of mounting an effective response to public health emergencies. It examines the Covid-19 vaccination programmes in Ireland and Northern Ireland and identifies challenges in promoting solidarity in the island of Ireland. In these circumstances, it is suggested that a promising way forward in promoting solidaristic practices would encompass working from a baseline of shared health values, drawing upon (cross-border) institutional and jurisdictional support structures. Accordingly, building on a model set out by Prainsack and Buyx, we propose a tripartite solidarity framework which is not tiered or hierarchical in approach. Instead, it comprises three dimensions – jurisdictional, institutional and interpersonal – with shared health values operating as a centrifugal force.

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