The full autumn issue will be published on Monday 10 September 2018

Table of Contents

'On the never-ending road to Brexit: perspectives for the European Union – introducing this special issue' – Dagmar Schiek

'Citizens of elsewhere, everywhere and . . . nowhere? Rethinking Union citizenship in the light of Brexit' – Stephen Coutts

'Brexit and the security of the European project: citizenship and free movement as a case study' – Massimo Fichera

'"Benefit tourism" post-Brexit: tackling the ghost by more EU social engagement' – Konstanze von Papp

'The UK out, Social Europe in? Rethinking EU social integration in the wake of Brexit' – Konstantinos Alexandris Polomarkakis

'The Consequences of Brexit for the Labour Market and Employment Law – challenges for the European Union from a Polish Perspective'  – Łukasz Pisarczyk

'EU environmental law and policy post Brexit: Models for engagement between the EU27 and the UK' – Roderic O’Gorman

'The EU’s role in policing the rule of law: reflections on recent Polish experience' – Robert Grzeszczak and Stephen Terrett

'Ireland North and South and Brexit: beyond unique circumstances' – Dagmar Schiek