NILQ Chief Editor Dr Mark Flear is delighted to announce the publication of 37 issues of the journal from the NILQ archive dating from spring 2008 to winter 2016 (volumes 59 to 67). All the material in this valuable collection is immediately available as an open access resource. The archive includes special issues on:

Jurisprudence 59(1) edited by George Pavlakos
Corporate Governance 60(1) based on papers from a colloquium at QUB September 2008
Rights and Justice: Essays in Honour of Professor Tom Hadden 60(2) edited by Tom Hadden
Positive Obligations and the European Court of Human Rights 61(3) edited by Brice Dickson
Special Issue on the Convention on the Rights of the Child 62(2)
Socialising Economic Relationships: A Critique of Business Regulation 62(4) edited by Bettina Lange and Dania Thomas
A Symposium with Professor Roger Brownsword: Super-stewardship in the Context of Public Health 62(5) edited by Mark L Flear
Reforming Libel Law 63(1) edited by David Capper and Gordon Anthony
Bench and Bar: The (Dis)appearance of Britain 63(3) edited by Karen Brennan, Niamh Howlin and Sara Ramshaw
Law and Emotions 64(1) edited by Jennifer Schweppe and John Stannard
Legal Appropriation: Taking of and by Law 64(3) edited by Amanda Perry-Kessaris and Ting Xu
Mental disorder and Criminal Justice 65(2) edited by Ben Livings and Nicola Wake
Continuing Towards an Economic Sociology of Law 65(3) edited by Diamond Ashiagbor, Prabha Kotiswaran and Amanda Perry-Kessaris
The Age of Criminal Responsibility 67(3) edited by Nicola Wake, Raymond Arthur, Thomas Crofts
The Right to Education 67(4) edited by Brice Dickson and Conor McCormick 

Please visit our archive section to access the full collection.