The full issue will be published on Monday 10 December 2018. Guest editor: Peter Coe. 


Introduction – Caught in the web: capturing the zeitgeist of ‘Big Tech’ companies, social media speech and privacy
Paul Wragg

(Re)embracing social responsibility theory as a basis for media speech: shifting the normative paradigm for a modern media
Peter Coe

Learning from the laws of the sea, Foucault and regulatory theory: proposing a ‘regulatory harbour’ model for the regulation of social media that serves rather than rules the waves
Laura Scaife

Weapons of mass distraction
Robin Barnes

Fakebook: why Facebook makes the fake news problem inevitable
Paul Bernal

Stealing ‘souls’? Article 8 and photographic intrusion
Rebecca Moosavian

Book Review: Media Law by Jacob Rowbottom
Peter Coe

Problematically proactive: a summary of recent legal developments in the field of internet intermediary liability
Michael Russ