Professor Stephen Livingstone Special Open Access Issue

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Note from the Editorial Board

Mark Flear
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Introduction to the special issue

John Morison, Kieran McEvoy
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Prisoners and boards of visitors’ hearings: a right to legal representation after all?

Stephen Livingstone
Abstract 102 | NILQ 70.SL.2 Livingstone Downloads 186

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A week is a long time in detention: Brogan and Others v United Kingdom

Stephen Livingstone
Abstract 109 | NILQ 70.SL.3 Livingstone Downloads 92

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Protecting the marginalised: the role of the European Convention on Human Rights

Stephen Livingstone, Colin Harvey
Abstract 118 | NILQ 70.SL.5 Harvey & Livingstone Downloads 128

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The need for a Bill of Rights in Northern Ireland

Stephen Livingstone
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Tribute to Professor Stephen Livingstone

John Morison
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