About the Journal

The Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly is a peer-reviewed journal, established in 1936 as a general legal research title. It is published quarterly by the School of Law at Queen's University Belfast.

The journal considers prospective articles on all areas of law and from all methodologies. At least one article per issue is made available on an open access basis. All articles become available on an open access basis one year after publication.

The editor invites submission of material with a view to publication in the Quarterly. There is no submission deadline. Articles should not normally exceed 12,000 words. Please see our 'For authors' section for further details.

The journal regularly publishes special issues in all areas of law and socio-legal studies. If you would like to discuss your idea for a special issue, please contact the editor.

Recent special issues include:


Reviewing the boundaries of health law – new directions and dimensions 70(1) Guest Editors: John Coggon and Judy Laing


Caught in the web: capturing the zeitgeist of ‘Big Tech’ companies, social media speech and privacy 69(4) Guest Editor: Peter Coe

On the never-ending road to Brexit: perspectives for the European Union 69(3) Guest Editor: Dagmar Schiek


The rights of victims of crime in Ireland and the United Kingdom: an exploration of recent changes and challenges 68(4) Guest Editor: Susan Leahy

The pop-up museum of legal objects 68(3) Guest Editor: Amanda Perry-Kessaris


The age of criminal responsibility 67(3) Guest Editors: Nicola Wake, Raymond Arthur and Thomas Crofts

The right to education 67(4) Guest Editors: Brice Dickson and Conor McCormick


Mental disorder and criminal justice 65(2) Guest Editors: Ben Livings and Nicola Wake

Continuing towards an economic sociology of law 65(3) Guest Editors: Diamond Ashiagbor, Prabha Kotiswaran and Amanda Perry-Kessaris


Law and emotions 64(1) Guest Editors: Jennifer Schweppe and John Stannard

Legal appropriation: taking of and by law 64(3) Guest Editors: Amanda Perry-Kessaris and Ting Xu


Reforming libel law 63(1) Guest Editors: David Capper and Gordon Anthony

Bench and bar: the (dis)appearance of Britain 63(5) Guest Editors: Karen Brennan, Niamh Howlin and Sara Ramshaw


The Convention on the Rights of the Child 62(2)

Socialising economic relationships: a critique of business regulation 62(4) Guest Editors: Bettina Lange and Dania Thomas

A symposium with Professor Roger Brownsword: super-stewardship in the context of public health 62(5) Guest Editor: Mark Flear


Positive obligations and the European Court of Human Rights 61(3): Guest Editor: Brice Dickson


Corporate governance 60(1)

Rights and justice: essays in honour of Professor Tom Hadden 60(2) Guest Editor: Brice Dickson


Jurisprudence 59(1) Guest Editor: George Pavlakos